Media Center

At Sleepy Hill, our goal is to promote literature and lifelong learning! Our students  visit the media center weekly to check out books, take AR quizzes, do research or just spend a few minutes reading!  Students in 3rd – 5th grade may check out three books, while students in Kindergarten – 2nd may check out two books.  Parents are welcome in time to visit our media center and check out books also!

Along with a wonderful collection of books, we also have several online resources available for students and parents.  Links to these resources are listed below.

Accelerated Reader Home Connect

Home Connect is designed for parents to be involved by connecting from home to make personalized reading practice even more effective. By using Home Connect, students and parents are able to:

  • See progress towards reading goal.
  • Conduct book searches. (
  • Review AR quiz results.
  • View number of books read.

Click here to visit Accelerated Reader Home Connect!

 Online Resources