School Policies


Office Hours – 7:30 – 4:00

First Bell – 7:40
Tardy Bell – 7:45
Dismissal Bell – 2:45

Picture ID

Please bring your picture ID with you each time you come to campus. You cannot enter campus or pick up your child without it. This policy is for the safety & welfare of your child as well as all children & staff.

Visitor Passes

Visitor Passes are necessary to enter campus during the school day.

*Parental visits on campus during arrival time is generally not the best time.  Teachers are supervising students, staff members are on duty and instruction begins promptly at 7:45 a.m.  Parents are highly encouraged to schedule an advanced appointment with  a teacher or administrator.  By teacher contract, all classroom visits must be scheduled with the teacher 24 hours in advance and visits are limited to 30 minutes.  If visiting the campus, parents will be asked to bring a driver’s license to receive a visitor’s pass.

Transportation Changes

Any change in transportation must be in writing and given to the teacher.*Exception, bus changes can only be approved by school administration or the PCSB transportation department.

Emergency Cards

Every child has to have an emergency card completed and turned into the office. The cards should be completely filled out & include reliable telephone numbers and the names of anyone that will be allowed to pick up your child. They were sent home the first day of school but if you did not get one, please send a note to the teacher requesting one.


Connect-ED is a parent communication system that will provide the school with the means to contact every household with important school news or emergency information within minutes. In order for it to work we must always have your updated contact information. The system will call cell phones as well as land lines.  If you are not home it will leave the message on your answering machine. The system will keep you updated on school events. Also, after the district experienced the lock down at one high school last year the lesson learned was we need a quick, reliable way to contact parents. We are very fortunate to have Connect-ED but it is only as good as your most recent phone number. Please let us know immediately if your numbers change.

Rainy Day Dismissal

In the event of rain, more parents will be in cars to pick up their children so be prepared for a slower dismissal & longer wait. This unfortunately cannot be avoided. Please stay in your car & go through the line & it will make dismissal move faster.

These Policies and Procedures are subject to change to ensure safety & efficiency.